Гостиница Bungalow White Apartments and Suites находится в одном из самых красивых мест Халкидики: Певкохори, на первом километре по направлении к Палюри с прекрасным видом на залив Кассандра и всего в 82 км от аэропорта Македонии.

Благодаря привилегированному месторасположению, гости имеют возможность насладиться потрясающим панорамным видом на море.

Гостиница находится на расстоянии 400 метрах от моря и 1 км от центра деревни.

Транспортное средство необходимо.

Географические координаты: 39.980320 , 23.633508 


Halkidiki is a well known destination for its vivid nightlife, to those who visit the area for holidays. In short distance from Bungalow White Apartments & Suites you may enjoy your holidays and have a great time in the best beach bars and night clubs, which are well established and will definitely entertain you with their music and atmosphere until dawn.

At a distance of 300 meters from Bungalow White Apartments & Suites there is a small lake. To be more accurate this lake is lagoon, as part of is connected to the sea and its water is semi — salted. The entire area is well known for its beauty and uniqueness and therefore is definitely worth to be visited. In the area there are mainly boats and ferries and just beside, there is a magnificent beach under the name Faros. The most interesting part of this lagoon is the spot where lake «meets» the sea. There is only a small line of water between the two sandhills. An isolated small church right next to the lake synthesize an amazing scenery.

At the distance of 11 kilometers or minutes driving way you may find Loutra and its hot springs coming deep from earth. Their unique chemical composition and rare healing properties rejuvenate both spirit and body. Hours of operation: 09:00 till 20:00.

In Polihrono, the visitor can see the unique lake Mavrobara, just 3 km away from Polihrono and at an altitude of 200m at the heart of Kassandra towards the mountain, a wetland were three species of a rare aquatic turtle inhabit. The lake is protected by international treaties, due to its particular ecological interest.

One of the most important temples that have been located in Chalkidiki, is the one of Ammon Zeus in Kallithea. According to the archeologists, during the 2nd half of the 8th century B.C. a temple for Dionysus was funded by the Euboeans colonists of the city Afytis, who was worshiped along with the Nymphs at the cave below the rock, at the southwest part of the place.

At the distance of 70 kilometers or 50 minutes driving way you will have the opportunity to explore this interesting cave. Excavations during 1960 brought to light tools and weapons from Paleolithic age, fossils and the skull of Petralona which belonged to hominids who lived 700.000 years ago. Operational hours 09:00 — 18:00. Ticket price: 7 Euros

Throughout the years, empires might have fallen but the spiritual activity of Mount Athos has remained for more than 1000 years. This community of monasticism is located south from Ouranoupoli, on the third «leg» of Halkidiki and136 kilometers from Bungalow White Apartments and Suites. Mount Athos is home to 20 monasteries and monastic organizations and considered to be an autonomous polity within the Greek Republic. Entrance for women is forbidden.

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